Individual Cremation Service

What happens in our Cremation Service

We have been members of the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria (APPCC) since we opened in 1996 and are committed to adhering to the “Code of Practice” that members must adopt.

If you do not want to leave your pet at the vets then you are more than welcome to bring them to us yourself. Just give us a call on 01384 873738 and let us know you would like to come down and we can let you know what time would be best, just in case we have other people on the way to us. If you do know in advance that you have to go to the vets you can give us a ring and let us know and we can normally arrange for you to come straight down to us if you want to.


When you arrive with us your pet will be placed into one of our pet beds and brought into our kennel of rest while we discuss the arrangements for the cremation. We have a large selection of different caskets and urns to choose from as well as various keep sakes and jewellery, most of which can been seen on our “Caskets” page. We can also accommodate most special requests such as taking fur cuttings or paw prints if requested. Your pets ashes will be ready for you to collect within two working days at the most but often sooner.

We can also offer same day attended cremation services if requested. We do need to know in advance if you would like this service for your pet so that we can ensure that we can start your pets cremation when required. Attended same day cremations are also subject to an additional charge to prioritise your pets cremation. During the cremation you could have a stroll around our memorial garden or a pleasant walk beside the canal that runs past the crematorium with the river Stour also running next to it. There are also several local cafes, pubs or garden centres you could visit while you wait if you would prefer.

If you would prefer we can collect your pet for you from either your home or vets. Again simply give us a call to arrange this. We can normally collect your pet the same day you contact us (subject to our opening hours) but this does depend what time you call. At the latest it may be the following day. Your pet will be collected by us and transported in one of our pet beds to the crematorium and if you wish you can still come down to us to say a final good bye to them, but please let both your vet and us know if you do want to do this.

If your pet does need to stay with us for a short while before the cremation takes place then they are kept in a pet bed in our walk in cool room until the cremation starts.

We can often offer an out of hours collection service or arrange to meet you at the crematorium if you wanted to bring your pet to us outside of our normal opening hours. Please note this is not a guaranteed service and is subject to staff availability. Out of hours services would also be subject to a separate charge. If you telephone our office number out of hours there is an emergency mobile number on the answer phone message that you can use to contact us.


At Prestwood Pet Crematorium we guarantee a totally individual cremation when that is what you have asked for. Regardless of whether your beloved pet is a Great Dane or a Dwarf Hamster we operate a strict “One pet, one chamber” policy and the chamber is cleaned out very carefully by hand in-between each cremation using firstly a hearth rake, and then a wetted brush to ensure all of the ashes are removed.

All pets are accompanied by an individual cremation request card which stays with them at all times throughout the entire process. It is the very last thing that is removed from the casket as it is handed back to you.

We have a completely open door policy and welcome visits at any time. We are happy to show people around all parts of the crematorium and owners whose pets are entrusted to us for an individual cremation are more than welcome to view any or all stages of the process if they wish. If you wish to view particular stages of your pets cremation then please let us know in advance so that we can arrange this for you.

We also offer a service to owners and vets for companion pets who for whatever reason do not want an individual cremation. This is a communal cremation service where two or more pets are cremated respectfully side by side. Regretfully no ashes can be returned to customers if this service is chosen.